Next Generation of Glycol/Water Blending Systems

Kerrigan Corporation has developed and installed the next generation of Glycol/Water blending units that slash your glycol consumption. Our new state of the art system allows the operator to select a glycol mixture from 0% to 100%. The greater mixture selection allows the operator to select a mixture that is aligned with ambient temperature. This not only cuts your glycol consumption, but also cuts the concentration of any run off.

The next generation of Kerrigan Glycol/Water blenders has incorporated the  latest technology with outstanding reliability, safety and performance. The new blenders are controlled by a PLC in the main control panel and in the fault monitoring panel. The user friendly touch screen allows the supervisor to select the mixture and monitor the operation. Calibration and fault set points are entered digitally via the touch screen. A fault log tracks the date, time, and type of fault that occurs.

The next generation Kerrigan Glycol/Water blenders have an optional remote monitoring and operational control system. The Kerrigan blender can be  monitored and controlled on a PC via an ethernet connection, wireless  communication, or a telephone line. A supervisor can monitor the operation of the blender in real time from the comfort of their desk. A simple mouse click  can reset a fault or change the blend setting from one ratio to another. The  remote monitoring and control allows the supervisor to be informed and to  make changes and corrections rapidly.